A Web 3.0 decentralized professional network with two main types of users:


searching for talent


Our value proposition:

Talent (Individual Users)

  • Merit/effort based access to global opportunities
  • Direct stake in global talent ecosystem via tokenized economy
  • Access to democratized resources for reskilling/upskilling
  • Gamified reward system for participating in the ecosystem
  • Safe means to receive/send payments in a variety of currencies globally via our platform
  • Cards and banking facilities help in the on/off ramp process from cryptos to fiat


  • Ability to fill open positions efficiently
  • Access to a more diverse, global talent pool
  • Nimble cost structure based on evolving talent needs
  • The highly engaged user base
  • Comprehensive and necessary tools to manage a more agile & global future workforce


Cost-effectively provide a vetted global talent pool for permanent, contract, and on-demand work by improving the matching quality.

Bondex will provide users with the necessary tools to match opportunities with the best talent. Bondex Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms will streamline and automate the laborious and error-prone recruitment processes and efficiently match job openings with candidates from diverse global talent pools. ML and AI matching can limit biases (race, gender, age) and increase transparency during the recruitment process.

Employers post job openings with the required qualifications. Bondex’s algorithm will do the work; sift through millions of job seekers to find the best candidates and significantly reduce the resource and time-intensive recruitment processes.

    • • Increased Efficiency
    • • Additional Flexibility
    • • Higher Speed
    • • Better Results
    • • Lower Cost
    • • Superior Talent


Simplify the payouts for cross-border transactions for all users at minimal fees. The decentralized platform makes the process autonomous and fast.

    • • Low-cost blockchain payment solution
    • • Worldwide coverage
    • • Live payment tracking
    • • Instant payments
    • • Escrow services with smart contracts


Decentralized Finance

Programmable smart contracts layered on blockchain networks automate the execution and enforcement within the counterparties, enabling new financial instruments and digital assets.

Bondex will enable DeFi capabilities such as lending, borrowing, and collateralizing other cryptos on the platform. Ecosystem participants can fund their short-term credit requirements via the network. Participants willing to lend on the BONDEX DeFi system will make their tokens available for lending in exchange for returns. Decentralized finance increases financial security and transparency, unlock liquidity and growth opportunities and supports an integrated and standardized economic system.

    • • Programmability
    • • Enforceability
    • • Immutability
    • • Interoperability
    • • Transparency
    • • Permissionless


Bondex Fintech supports VISA credit/debit card issuance, enabling users to spend directly from their Bondex wallet online, in-store, and cash withdrawals at VISA-supported ATMs worldwide.

Bank Accounts

  • USD bank accounts for residents of 200 countries.
  • Within the Bondex Wallet, users will access a global suite of 25+ 3rd-party payment options within 220 countries and 135+ currencies. This offering will enable users to open bank, e-money, and payment accounts; and make payments through the traditional banking system.

The integrated Fintech options in the Bondex wallet will also provide a low-friction on and off-ramp into Bondex DeFi.